Turns knowledge to intellectual property & into trending success


Turns knowledge to intellectual property & into trending success

NoledgeLoss automates the process of preserving customer knowledge inside the CRM and optimizes how it's utilized, leading to improved retention, higher revenues, and proactive relationship management.

Leading organizations to success with the Savvy AI
of knowledge retention and utilization.

Dynamic Booklet Generation for Enhanced Task Performance

With a single click, NoledgeLoss generates designated booklets within the CRM, incorporating all relevant knowledge required to excel in various tasks, such as:

  • Customer meetings

  • Account handovers

  • QBR planning

Seamless CRM Integration and Interaction Tracking

NoledgeLoss seamlessly integrates with your CRM, automatically saving communication data in the correct fields while providing a clear timeline view of customer interactions, enhancing collaboration and improving efficiency.

Complete Communication Integration for Centralized Insights.

NoledgeLoss integrates with all communication applications, capturing and automatically processing customer interactions, ensuring a holistic view of communication data stored within the CRM.

Streamlined Email Tracking and Consolidation

NoledgeLoss tracks and consolidates follow-up emails sent to customers via Gmail, effortlessly organizing them within the CRM's timeline, enabling easy reference and a comprehensive view of email interactions.

Extracting insights from video conferences. Processing it and creating summaries, action items, and more

NoledgeLoss automatically processes video conference transcripts, generating concise summaries, actionable action items, risk and opportunity identification, product feedback, and important numbers for streamlined knowledge utilization.